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  • How can I transfer my balance (from Casino to Pokerstars or vice versa)?+
    • To transfer your funds, click in your account:

      For PC: "Account" > " Settings" > "My details" > "Transfer Funds”
      For mobile: "Settings" > "My details" > "Transfer Funds"

      > Enter the amount you desire to transfer
      > Select the option "Casino to Poker" or "Poker to Casino"
      > Click "SUBMIT"

  • Why can't I transfer my balance?+
    • 1. Possible cause: active bonus
      With an active bonus at Casino, no funds can be transferred from the casino to Pokerstars. Either wager the bonus amount 30x and reach the playthrough or cancel the bonus in your Casino bonus account. You can find all information on how the government approved bonus programs at Casino work on our website under Bonus Information and Bonus Examples.

      2. Possible cause: Restriction at Pokerstars
      Please send our customer support a screenshot of the error message you are receiving to [email protected].

  • How long does a transfer take?+
    • A transfer from Casino to Pokerstars will be credited within a few minutes. Transfers from Pokerstars to Casino have to be approved by the Pokerstars security department and can take up to 3 business days.


  • Do I incur any charges when depositing with a credit card?+
    • Yes, some Swiss banks may apply deposit fees of up to 4%. We advise you to contact your bank directly to confirm the specific fees associated with your deposits. Alternatively, if you prefer to avoid these fees, you can use TWINT as a deposit method.


  • How long does a withdrawal take?+
    • All requested withdrawals will be reviewed and approved the following business day (the compliance of the cancellation right requires us to give our customers the possibility to cancel the payment). Once the withdrawal has been approved and is visible in your account under "Approved Withdrawals", it may take up to 3 business days for the funds to be credited to your bank account.

  • Why can't I make a withdrawal+
    • Either you have not entered your bank details or your bank details have not been confirmed yet. After you have deposited your bank details and provided us with the requested proof, the manual confirmation of your bank details may take up to 24 hours. We are required to process and respond to the oldest requests and documents first, we kindly ask for your patience.

  • How can I make a withdrawal?+
    • To request a withdrawal, click in your account:

      For PC: "My Account" > " Cashier" > " Withdraw"
      For Mobile: " Deposit" > " Cash Out"
      For Pokerstars App: " Cashier" > " Withdraw"

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Please note the chat is only available from 13:00 till 22:00. For any questions outside the given chat ours, please use directly our web form. We will process your request as soon as possible.


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