offers its players various Bonus promotions. You can always check your account to see your cash and bonus balance:

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Example Desktop

Example Mobile

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Winnings will be added to the Bonus balance and, once playthrough is complete, will be transferred to your cash balance account.

Current Bonus Promotions

Welcome Bonus
To get you off to a great start, we offer you a generous Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. If you choose this Bonus on your first deposit, we will double your amount up to CHF 777 with a Bonus.

You can find all information about our current Bonus promotions in "Promos".

Personalised Bonuses
As a player you will regularly receive new offers. We'll keep you informed via your chosen marketing channels, and your personal offers are also visible in your "Bonus Account" .

How to Claim a Bonus

There are four different ways to claim a bonus:

Welcome Bonus
As soon as you want to make your first deposit at "Deposit", you have the option to activate the "Welcome Bonus". Simply enter the desired amount, answer the question below "Would you like a bonus of 100% up to CHF 777?" with "Yes" and continue the deposit.

Welcome bonus

Bonus Queue
A bonus is automatically added to the Bonus queue in your Bonus account. You can find this under "Current bonuses" - here you simply have to activate it. This applies, for example, to the "Verification Bonus".

Bonus queue

Request Bonus
In your bonus account, you will find the "Click and Claim" section in the "Claim a Bonus" section. Personalised Bonuses can usually be found here where you need to activate them. If it is a deposit bonus, you must first make a deposit and then request the bonus.

Request bonus

Promotional Code
In your Bonus account you will find the section "Promotion Code" in the "Claim a Bonus" section. If you have a valid promotional code, you can request the Bonus here.

Promotional code

Finally, you will find the activated bonus at "Current Bonuses" in the "Active Bonus" section. Only one Bonus can be active at a time. If you already have an active Bonus, the new Bonus will be added to the Bonus queue. You can delete an active bonus at any time, but any bonus winnings will be deleted as well.

The Bonus Queue

The Bonus Queue Once you have completed the playthrough of your active bonus and you have a bonus in the queue, your bonus balance will automatically be updated with your new bonus. If you have more than one bonus in the queue, the oldest bonus will be activated first. If you still need to complete the playthrough of your active bonus, but would like to use a queued bonus, you have the option to cancel your active Bonus in the "Current Bonuses" section. Please note that cancelling your active bonus means that you will also cancel any winnings from that Bonus.

Bonus Validity

Unless otherwise stated on the promotion page, SMS, email, etc., bonuses can be redeemed at for a period of 15 days after they are issued. After the expiration date, a bonus can no longer be claimed. Once activated, a bonus and all its associated winnings will remain active for 30 days. If the required playthrough is not reached after this period, bonus funds and winnings will be automatically removed from your account.

Order of Bets

While playing, the money is deducted from your account in the following order

1. Bonus Winnings

When the original cash balance and bonus balance are reached and you make winnings after that, these are bonus winnings. These are added to your bonus balance and if you lose, the losses are first deducted from your bonus winnings. bonus winnings that remain in your cash balance after playthrough is completed will be converted into real money.

2. Cash Balance

If there are no more bonus winnings left, losses will be deducted from your cash balance. Winnings will first be replenished to the original amount in the cash balance before they count towards bonus winnings.

3. Bonus Balance

If there is no more cash balance left, losses will be deducted from your original bonus balance. If a player wins, the bonus balance will be replenished first, then the cash balance, and finally the winnings will count as bonus winnings.

Every single bet contributes to achieving the playthrough.

The Playthrough

The term playthrough refers to the frequency with which a bonus amount must be played through before the winnings can be converted into real money and withdrawn if required. Usually the playthrough is 30 times the bonus amount. This means that, for a bonus of CHF 5, a total of CHF 150 must be wagered to reach the playthrough. Afterwards, any amount above CHF 5 will be added to your cash balance. You can check the playthrough status at any time in your bonus account at "Current Bonuses". Not all games contribute equally to the playthrough:

The amount wagered counts completely towards the playthrough.


Amount used: CHF 1
Amount that contributes to the playthrough: CHF 1
Required playthrough before use: CHF 150
Required playthrough after use: CHF 149

Blackjack, Roulette, Live Casino: 10%
The amount wagered counts for 10% of the playthrough.


Amount used: CHF 1
Amount that contributes to the playthrough: CHF 0.10
Required Playthrough before use: CHF 150
Required playthrough after use: CHF 149.90

Further examples can be found here


A bonus cannot be withdrawn. If you make a withdrawal request while a bonus is active and you have not yet reached the playthrough, both the original bonus amount and the winnings from that bonus will be deducted from your account.

If you have any questions regarding Bonuses, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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