to Partner Up with Hockey Club Davos AG

Hockey Club Davos has announced a new partnership with the Online Casino "". Casino Davos, the operator of, is thus further expanding its commitment to Hockey Club Davos. The brand "" will be featured both on the players' helmets and in the Davos ice stadium during the new season.

Davos, 1 October 2020 – "We are pleased that now not only Casino Davos but also their Online Casino is our partner", says HCD CEO Marc Gianola. In addition to the geographical proximity of the two partners - Casino Davos is only a puck shot away from the ice stadium - the HCD and the Casino are also connected by a closeness in terms of content: Both are about the game, where good and bad luck sometimes sit shoulder to shoulder. Just like last season, when the Davos team finished a promising third in the ice hockey championship, before the championship was prematurely terminated in March due to the Corona pandemic.

Casino Davos was lucky in its misfortune: while all land-based casinos had to close due to the corona measures, was able to continue its operations as an online service and offer numerous customers an alternative to visiting the casino, with the result that Casino Davos was not hit quite as hard by the new restrictions as their land-based competitors were. "With the development of this new partnership at, we are passing something on to HCD in the spirit of solidarity," says Casino Director Christoph Pychynski.

Big Ambitions on Either Side
Both partners have great ambitions for the new season: wants to develop its offer continuously and prove thereby that a successful Online Casino can also be operated from a tourism destination in the mountains. And the HC Davos wants to have a say in the championship and do everything to secure the 32nd championship title in the anniversary year of 2021.

While the HC Davos celebrates its 100th anniversary next year, the online casino "" has only just completed its first year of operation. "Of course, it is a special honour for us and our "baby" to be partners of an ice hockey club that has been one of the best teams in the National League for years. We are looking forward to celebrating the illustrious history of this club together with the HCD in its anniversary year 2021," Pychynski says. The Swiss Casino in the Heart of the Alps is a brand of Casino Davos AG and therefore shares a connection with the city of Davos deep in the heart of the Swiss mountains. The Online Casino sets itself apart from the competition through the breadth and quality of its range of slot machines. In addition, offers a Live Casino experience, where players can interact in real time with a wealth of live dealers playing Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack as well as gameshow style offerings.

For the convenience of the players at, a variety of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds to and from player accounts is provided. Recently, Apple Pay joined the long list of trusted payment partners, allowing deposits in seconds with state-of-the-art encryption technology.

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