Back due to high demand! 🙌

In March we are giving you, once more, 10 Freespins everyday you bet CHF 1.-.

An offer so good, you can't refuse!
Take part. Bet 1.-, get 10 Freespins. Every. Day.

Try it:
1. Take part
2. Bet CHF 1.-
3. Get 10 Freespins

Repeat Step 2 and bet 1.- every day you want 10 Freespins.

Okay, we're sure you get it by now - so, have fun and let us know how you like it!

You need to login first to take part into this promotion.


All Freespins of the Freespins Festival are playable on the below selection of slots!


• This promotion is open to all account holders.
• Promotion days are daily until 31st March.
• To receive freespins, players must be opted in once and have wagered a minimum of CHF 1 on a promotion day.
• The freespins will be given out immediately. Please exit the game and allow 5 seconds to pass.
• If no freespins show up in the bonus account, please refresh your browser.
• The CHF 1 wagering is subject to real cash, not bonus.
• The value of each Freespin is the min coin value of the advertised slot.
• Freespins are available for 7 days from receipt.
• All winnings are cash.

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